The school prepares students under the syllabus of central board of secondary education (C.B.S.E.)NEW DELHI. The subjects which are taught in the normal curriculum from class nursery to std. x are :-

 (A) Primary Stage (Class I to V)

(i) English
(ii) Hindi
(iii) Mathematics
(iv) Social Science
(v) Science
(vi) Environmental Studies
(vii) Moral Science
(viii) G.K.

(B) Upper Primary Stage (Classes VI to VIII )

(i) Hindi
(ii) Sanskrit
(iii) English
(iv) Social science
(v) Science
(vi) Environmental studies
(vii) Mathematics
(viii) G.K.
(ix) Art-Education
(x) Work Education
(xi) Health and Physical Education.

(C) Secondary Stage (Classes IX and X )

(i) Hindi /Sanskrit
(ii) English
(iii) Social Studies
(iv) Science
(v) Mathematics
(vi) Work Education
(vii) Health and physical education

(D) Senior Secondary Stage (XI & XII)
(i) Science Stream
(ii) Commerce Stream