The school has adopted the CCE system for all classes from Std 1 to Std X. According to this system every students is assessed for his academic as well as extra curricular activities performance by the teachers on day to day basis. The school conducts four Formative Assessments FA1, FA2, FA3 & FA4 and two Summative Assessments SA I & SA II. In addition to the above mentioned main examinations, weekly, fortnightly and monthly tests are conducted to keep the students engaged in studies in regular manner throughout the year instead making them examination time birds.

Schedule of the Assessments are as follows :-

• FA I in the month of May every year
• FA II in the month of July every year
• SA I in the month of September every year
• FA III in the month of November every year
• FA IV in the month of January every year
• SA II in the month of March every year


  1. Result is declared after 25 days of the completion of examination. A progress report of the students for his scholastic as well as co-scholastic performance is given to the guardians/parents after the examination. It is mandatory for the guardian/parents to return the progress report back to the school within three days after verification and signature.
  2. Promotion to the students is granted on the basic of whole year`s performance.

Under special circumstances, at the discretion of the principal, school may organise re-examination for those students who couldn’t appear in the examination due to illness. However, additional examination fee will be charged for each paper.