Concept focused education

Education at River Valley School is aimed at building a strong foundation and making the students understand fundamental concept of the subject. The school believes in the philosophy that understanding basic concept of the subject is essential for qualifying the national and state level competitive examinations and excelling in higher education.

Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation

The school has adopted continuous and comprehensive evaluation system from Class X down to Nursery which is true measure of the student’s progress. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly tests are conducted for regular performance evaluation of the students.

Mentor System

Mentor system is followed in the school in which average performers are grouped with a meritorious student as a mentor to facilitate knowledge sharing and derive benefit from this synergetic learning process.

Communicative Skill Development

Students are encouraged to take classes and deliver speech on the stage to develop their presentation skill. Essay writing competitions, debate, drawing, painting, music, dramatics, modelling and other co-curricular activities are organized in the school at regular intervals to promote this. Group discussions amongst students are organized frequently with an emphasis on developing fluency in Spoken English and the art of Public Speaking.

Problem Solving Skill Development

Students are facilitated to develop ability of critical thinking and to build an analytical approach to problem solving by giving them academic and non-academic challenges. Teachers pay attention to individual needs of the students to foster this trait in them.

Life Skill development

Children are groomed in the school in a way to inculcate the sense of responsibility, positive attitude, proactive approach, discipline, and family value system.